Planned Giving

Ensure your life’s work carries on a cause that’s close to your heart. Make a planned gift to CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation.

A planned gift to CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation allows you to make charitable gifts, continue to meet your current income needs, and take advantage of current tax incentives. When you partner with CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation, you become a hero to sick and injured children from South Central Texas and beyond. Because of you, they will receive the compassionate, world-class medical care they need to win the most difficult fight of their young lives.

Here, you will find information you need when considering a planned gift to CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation. You will also find information to share with your financial advisor and estate planner. When you are ready, you can use this site to reach out to us to share your plans, let us know what you are considering, or to start a confidential, no obligation conversation about what’s possible.

How To Give

Not only do you have options for how your gift will be used, you also have options on what to give and how to give. There are gifts that cost you nothing now, gifts that pay you income, and gifts that allow you to decide what happens when.

Beneficiary Designations

Retirement Assets and Other Funds.
Naming CHRISTUS Children's Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement plan asset such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) will accomplish a charitable goal while realizing a significant tax savings.

Gifts from Your Will

Through a provision in your written and executed will or living trust, you can make a gift to CHRISTUS Children's Foundation in the form of cash, securities, or real estate. There are many types of bequests. Consult with your attorney to choose the one that best fits your needs and intentions.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Charitable Gifts.
You can turn underperforming assets (cash, stock, CDs, etc.) into a gift to CHRISTUS Children's Foundation that makes payments to you and a loved one. Your charitable gift annuity will return fixed, quarterly payments for life and provide tax benefits, too.

Appreciated Assets

Buy Low. Give High.
When you donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual fund shares instead of cash, your gift costs you less than the amount CHRISTUS Children's Foundation receives. You’ll get a charitable deduction for the full amount of your gift and avoid the impact of capital gains taxes.

Charitable IRA Rollover

Make a Tax-Free Gift from Your IRA.
If you’re 70 ½ or older, each year you can instruct your IRA administrator to transfer all or part of your required minimum distribution (up to $100,000) directly to CHRISTUS Children's Foundation and avoid paying the tax had you taken it as income.

Gift of Real Property

Donate Real Estate and Other Property.
Like stock, the fair market value of gifts of appreciated assets can be deducted from your income tax today, allowing you to avoid capital gains and reduce estate taxes in the future. There are even ways to donate your home and live there as long as you’d like.

Donor-Advised Fund

Designate CHRISTUS Children's Foundation to receive all or a portion of the balance of your Donor- Advised Fund (DAF) through your fund administrator. You also can make a grant to us at any time from your donor-advised fund. The balance in your DAF passes to CHRISTUS Children's Foundation when it terminates

Gifts Through Trusts

Charitable remainder unitrusts with the remaining value passing to CHRISTUS Children's Foundation. Charitable lead trusts provide payments to CHRISTUS Children's Foundation with the remaining value passing to your heirs. For the savvy donor, charitable trusts can provide tax-advantaged income, eliminate capital gains tax, or preserve assets for your heirs.

Gift of Life Insurance

Name CHRISTUS Children's Foundation as the beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy; donate an existing, paid-up life insurance policy you no longer need; or purchase a new life insurance policy and name CHRISTUS Children's Foundation as the owner and beneficiary.

Let's Talk

Planning your estate and legacy for future generations including your charitable interests, takes careful evaluation. Our experienced professionals can assist you through the process of completing a gift to CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation for the purpose of your choice. Please use the contact info below, or submit this form to get more information.

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Those who include CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation in a will, trust, life income gifts, or other legacy gifts are welcomed into the Nellie B. West Society.

Membership is simple! All you need to do is let us know you have included a gift to CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation in your future plans, or that you would like to do so. Many members have simply named CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation as a beneficiary of a retirement account or as a beneficiary in their will or trust (sample bequest language below will help you complete your plans). Others have made life income gifts such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, or gifts of life insurance. Regardless of the type or size, your gift helps local children of our community.


Nellie B. West, a woman who pioneered her way to San Antonio in the early 1900s, left a legacy for our community, which will endure for many decades to come. Nellie B. West endowed a generous fund to purchase much-needed equipment for Santa Rosa's Children's Hospital (now known as CHRISTUS Children's) and thereby created a permanent gift which perpetuates her name and helps secure the future for fine health care for children across South Central Texas. Nellie B. West found her way to Texas from Ireland, via Ellis Island. An industrious young woman at 16, Nellie registered at Santa Rosa Hospital's Nursing School when she arrived (one year too young!) and dedicated her life to a nursing career at Santa Rosa. There, she worked with Dr. Ferdinand Herff who, at one point, assigned her to care for Ike West. Dr. Herff believed that "Nellie's charm and Irish ways" would return Ike, a leading citizen of early San Antonio, to health. They did, and earned her a husband as well. Out of gratitude to the Hospital that shaped for her a prosperous and rewarding life, Nellie left a gift of her home in her will to the Hospital. Once sold, the property funded a very generous endowment, which has helped to carry on the tradition of excellent health care at CHRISTUS Children’s that Nellie B. West and Dr. Herff stood for. At CHRISTUS Children's, we are grateful to all our friends who, through gifts by will or estate plan, provide for the future of fine health care by building endowment funds. We honor and acknowledge the generosity of these friends by welcoming them into the Nellie B. West Society, a tribute to an early pioneer in charitable giving.

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