About Us

CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation was chartered in 1955 to carry out a vision: That every child in South Central Texas would receive the best available medical care, even if their parents could not pay.

At Home in San Antonio Since 1869

The story of CHRISTUS Children’s began in 1869, when the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word arrived in the area to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. In those days, San Antonio was still very much a part of the “wild west” — a frontier town plagued by a cholera epidemic and the remnants of the Civil War.

From the beginning, the Sisters made children a top priority. However, it wasn’t until 90 years after their arrival that their focus became exclusively pediatric; in 1959, the Sisters joined with local leaders to build the area’s first and only hospital for children.

Today, the name, physical buildings, and management have evolved and the Sisters continue to play an important role. We’ve grown to become an internationally recognized academic and research hospital. But the commitment to the area’s children has never wavered, and we are honored to carry on the Sisters’ legacy as a family-centered, faith-based non-profit.

History of the Foundation

CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation was chartered in 1955 to carry out a vision: That every child in South Central Texas would receive the best available medical care, even if their parents could not pay. That noble calling remains the Foundation’s driving motivation.

To date, we have raised tens of millions of dollars to cover treatment, research, programs and capital campaigns for building funds.

These accomplishments stand as a testament to the power of your support, and to the goodwill and compassion of our community at large.

NO CHILD WILL EVER BE DENIED CARE AT CHRISTUS Children’s — EVEN IF THEIR PARENTS CANNOT PAY. CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation exists to ensure that sacred promise is kept. We inspire the community’s compassion, and match their goodwill to the Hospital’s vision and needs. Dollars raised support treatment, research and health-related programs, as well as capital projects. There is not a more powerful investment you can make in the health and happiness of local children than by supporting CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation.

The mission of CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation is to support the healing ministry of CHRISTUS Children’s, the only faith-based non-profit children’s hospital in San Antonio. We do this by partnering with a network of volunteers and donors to strengthen health and medical care for the children of San Antonio and South Central Texas, and by championing the effort to transform the new downtown campus into CHRISTUS Children’s.

Your Support Makes a Profound Difference for Children



Twelve monthly $10 gifts can provide 324 preemie-sized diapers for premature babies.


Can help Child Life purchase medical play distraction toys to ease a patient’s anxiety before surgery.


Assists in providing medical care for underserved and uninsured patients.

Dental Icon


Can pay for a full dental exam for an uninsured child through the CHRISTUS Children’s Dental Center.

safety seat icon


Can help cover the cost of a specialty safety seat for a special needs child.

Vaccine Icon


Can provide six children with access to needed required school vaccines through the Children’s Mobile Clinic.


Can pay for one CuddleCot ™ system to assist bereaved parents after the loss of a child.



Covers the operating costs for the Center for Miracles for one day.

Your gift will be designated to assist in the areas of greatest need at CHRISTUS Children’s. If you have any questions, please call 210.704.2800 to speak with a gift officer. 

How Does a Private Non-profit Hospital that Provides Millions in Free Care Every Year Make Ends Meet?

Not one boy or girl will ever be denied care at CHRISTUS Children’s. But, as the local population booms, the growing number of uninsured and under-insured children represents a serious financial challenge. To shield taxpayers from this burden, CHRISTUS Children’s Foundation operates as a non-profit. Our funding comes from:

What Makes CHRISTUS Children’s Different?

In a word? You. Caring donors like you have transformed us into San Antonio’s premier (and only) academic children’s hospital. All people in the South Central region of Texas can take pride knowing that together, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence and innovation in pediatric care — one making life better for local children every day.

Here are a few of the ways you’re helping us take children’s care to the highest level:

These highlights are just the tip of the iceberg. CHRISTUS Children’s is continually growing and developing for greater effectiveness.

For more information, or to schedule a tour or donate, please call the Foundation office at 210.704.2800. Your partnership drives progress, and every step forward can have a life-changing impact for critically ill or injured children.