A Divinely Orchestrated Gift

When Anna visited her OB-GYN in San Angelo, Texas, for her 20-week sonogram, the physician noticed the baby was much smaller than she should be.

Katherine Grace Heimbecker made her entrance into the world on May 7, 2018 at 25 weeks gestation, weighing only 11.9 ounces.

An Unexpected Miracle

Your donations support life-saving programs at CHRISTUS Children’s In 2017, Rebekah Jowers was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormone imbalance disorder that causes small cysts to form on …

Life is Fragile. Handle with Prayer.

Jacob and Libby Eubank were overjoyed to learn they were pregnant with their second child. Their excitement grew when they knew they were having a boy to round out their …

Mighty Strength Comes in Small Packages

Casey Vanderstoep was excited to be a first-time mom.It was the middle of the pandemic, so her husband, Peter, was not able to attend on the day of her first ultrasound. During her appointment, Casey was surprised to learn she was not having one baby – she was having two.


Kaitlyn and Stewart Skloss were excited about the prospect of giving their only child, Ella, a younger sibling. After all, they always wanted a house full of kids and are …

Superhero by Day Little Boy by Night

When Nolan was born in February 2016, his parents, Courtney and Josh, were over the moon with their first baby. Fast forward three years later, and the Smith family would suddenly face cancer head-on.

Growing Stronger Through Little Blessings

The Mullen family grew from three to four in June 2017. Baby Matthew was eight weeks earlier than expected, which caused some concern for Christy and Trey, but they were excited to meet their little boy.

Excellence in Health Care for Our Children

Your generosity helps The Children’s Hospital reach milestones Award-winning medical teams at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio strive to provide the best care for patients and families who come …

A Divinely Orchestrated Gift

In November of 2017, Anna and Stephen Heimbecker found out their family was growing by two tiny feet. They never anticipated just how tiny those feet would be. When Anna …