Mackenzie V.

Mackenzie was born with something wrong with her lungs. When she arrived at CHRISTUS Children’s at two days old, she wasn’t responding to any medications or treatments and doctors were having a difficult time determining a diagnosis. She had several anomalies internally that would suggest she had a syndrome or illness, but blood work and genetic testing results continued to come back normal. Her medical teams transferred her to the NICU at CHRISTUS Children’s and gave her less than 10 percent chance of survival. Later that evening, the family received a call from Mackenzie’s doctor saying that Mackenzie was starting to turn around. She had a miraculous recovery, and they couldn’t explain it. Mackenzie had a long road ahead of her, but she was going to make it. She went home on Christmas Eve and was able to celebrate her first Christmas with her family. She underwent several major surgeries, including on her skull and eyes, all before she turned six. Today, Mackenzie is happy and thriving, and continues to grow stronger.