Maritza M.

Maritza is Emmalee’s biological little sister, who was born exactly one year after Emmalee. Upon her birth, doctors noticed Maritza also had a cleft lip and nasal deformity, and a partial right palate that would all require corrective surgery. She underwent a cleft lip and nose reconstruction surgery at just nine weeks old. The family was overjoyed with another successful surgery. Maritza will also require a bone graft when she is older, but for now she is doing great and having fun in head start.

Emmalee M.

Emmalee was born with a cleft lip and nasal deformity, a partial left palate, and a hemangioma on her right eyelid. Her cleft lip was causing Emmalee to have difficulty bottle feeding and she was struggling to gain healthy and necessary weight. If left untreated, the hemangioma, a noncancerous, dense group of blood vessels, above her right eye could potentially damage her eyeball or even cause blindness. Corrective surgery was her best option for a healthy, normal life. From November 2015 to 2018, Emmalee underwent corrective surgery for her lip, nose palate, and eyelid. Month by month, her doctors noticed a drastic change in her appearance and health. The surgeries were all a complete success. Once Emmalee’s lip healed, she was able to bottle-feed properly and slowly began to gain weight. The hemangioma that was once present on her tiny face had disappeared. Because of her partial palate, she will require a bone graft when she is older, but for now, Emmalee is enrolled in Pre-K for SA and enjoying spending her days making new friends and learning.